OSG/WLCG perfSONAR Toolkit Info Page
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The perfSONAR Toolkit Information Page

Analytics and Dashboards

WLCG Grafana Network Dashboards

This is the WLCG/OSG Grafana dashboards hosted at CERN

OSG perfSONAR Infrastructure details on a Kibana Dashboard

This is the OSG/WLCG perfSONAR Infrastructure dashboard

The SAND Project focused on networking analytics for OSG and WLCG

This takes you to SAND project webpage

OSG/SAND/WLCG ELK Network Dashboards

This is the OSG/SAND/WLCG ELK network dashboards

OSG Overview of Packet Loss Kibana Dashboard

The Overview of Packet Loss Kibana dashboard

The MEPHI Traceroute Visualizer using our OSG/WLCG traceroute measurements

This takes you to our MEPHI collaborators traceroute visualization tool for OSG/WLCG perfSONAR traceroutes
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