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The perfSONAR Toolkit Information Page

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This is perfSONAR toolkit web interface, part of the default install of perfSONAR This toolkit's web interface

This is the Check_MK-based service availabiity timeline for the last 8 days. The timespace and various filter options can be adjusted on this page using the "monitor/screwdriver" icon This toolkit's timeline of service availability

This is Check_MK-based service monitoring from the Experiments Testing Framework (ETF). Ideally all tests show "Green". If not, clicking on specificy tests can provide further details. Monitoring of this toolkit's services/configuration

We use pSConfig and PWA (pSConfig Web Administrator) to manage our testing configuration for OSG/WLCG. Clicking here will return the JSON configuration details being provided to this Toolkit host. Testing insructions for this toolkit (JSON)

This link will provide configuration and operational details in JSON format for this specific perfSONAR Toolkit instance. We recommend installing a JSON parser ("JSON View" or others) in your browser. This toolkit's settings and status

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