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The perfSONAR Toolkit Information Page

Documentation and Use of the perfSONAR Toolkit Information Page

The perfSONAR Toolkit Information Page serves to be a web-based source where a user can navigate between all the various resources that are available to them. A user can navigate to find sites about official documentation, resources in regards to the OSG Network's Pipelines and other services, as well as more analytical resources such as Kibana Dashboards

*Toolkit Specific Page*

To use the toolkit specific page, for those who are interested in looking at one specific host, the user may search based upon alphabetical order or distance from the user. Once a toolkit is selected, either from the premade lists or manually entered as a wildcard, links to Elasticsearch data will appear, tailored to the type of data the host works with. Once on Kibana, the previously selected host will automatically be applied as a filter, showing data ONLY relevant to the specified host as both a source and destination.
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